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I do NOT support nazism

Almost a week ago, we were mentioned in an article that we have worked with a guy who is extreme alt-right and the article states that “he is racist, a nazi and white supremacist”.

At first, I thought this article was fake, because I’ve worked with this guy. However, after carefully reviewing the article in depth, I can honestly say that I’m surprised by some of the images I have seen. I am not sure of the credibility of the websites or the authors, but I can confirm that I’m not involved in any of this activity nor associated with any of the events or persons stated in the article.

We do not support racism, nazism, prejudice views, or any form of hate speech. We have worked with a variety of groups comprised of different races and the LGBT community and will continue to support these groups in any way possible.

Please check out my YouTube video on this matter to hear it from me personally.

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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