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Zombie Charge Race Interview

We interviewed the people over at Zombie Race and wanted to share this exciting news with you!

1. Tell me about Zombie Charge

Zombie Charge is the most authentic 5k zombie obstacle race series in the Midwest.  We combine the fun of a theme run and thrill of a 5K obstacle run to appeal to lots of people and we’re the only race where you can sign up as a zombie and chase people.
2. What makes Zombie Charge the best RACE to go to?
We are a festival and race that combines an outdoor festival with an endurance event that is open level where anyone can participate.  The zombies chase after your life flags making this the best live action zombie experience while you challenge yourself on the course.
3. Let’s talk FX and Make-up! Tell me about what you guys do that sets you apart from all the other runs?
As you can see in our pictures, we coordinate with professional artists to provide a top-notch makeover experience from airbrushing to prosthetics to wardrobe.  We have a dedicated team that specializes in this industry and partner with haunts like Creepy Hollow Haunted House to give it some authenticity.
4. You mentioned Zombie Fit, tell me about that aspect of it. How do you intend to get everyone involved? 
Zombie Fit means more than looking good but also knowing what to do.  We are the only race that hands disaster swag bags at the finish to help prepare families for natural and manmade emergencies
5. Where is Zombie Charge located?
Zombie Charge is in 3 cities in 2018 and Austin is the 2nd stop infecting the music capital of TX on 10/27
6. Can just anyone come and get dressed up like zombies or do you have to apply or volunteer?
You can come dressed up but in order to come to the course you have to pay and get that done on site because the artists know what products are safest and no one volunteers because the ticket covers costs associated with materials and hiring the artists.
7. Austin weather can sometimes be unpredictable, is this a Rain or Shine event?
Yes rain or shine, zombies don’t really care and the apocalypse doesn’t either
8. I hear Zombie Charge is all about charities, talk to me a little about that!
Zombie Charge is partnering with great charities like Houston Zombie Walk, Pioneer Farms, Capital Area Young Marines and Red Cross to help support their mission
9. So you believe in the pay it forward method, how can someone get involved to help out?
Go to zombiecharge.com and let us know you want to volunteer and we could really use that.  We had over 300 people sign up to help for 1 race!
10. Do you have any tips or tricks for being the BEST zombie?
We allow creative character development so the tip is do what’s natural and fun.  Run, crawl, growl or scream and own the role
11. What’s your advice to surviving a zombie-pocalypse?
Prepare.  Make sure you are physically and mentally ready.  Have a plan with your family, supplies including water (1 gallon per adult per day), go bags with kids clothes, extra food, way to cook, hunt, etc) and keep learning.  There are tons of free resources on first aid, using radios and building fires.
12. If you could tell our readers anything, what would it be?
I’d say that ZC even though it’s a theme race respects the horror genre and is doing something different to get across the message of Be Fit, Be Prepared.  Sign up with a group, get to the finish then listen to live music, have a drink and have fun!  At ZC it’s about conquering the course, overcoming the obstacles and surviving the zombies 🙂
If you want to see more about the Zombie Charge Race you can see that here: https://youtu.be/pG6w30YBzTY / https://youtu.be/9jhAS9ll7D0
Join Phantom6Productions at Zombie Charge this October and sign up here!

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