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We Are Back!!

Phantom6Productions Jacob Stone headshot

Phantom6Productions is rebranded! For the longest time, I have been doing every little job that was offered to me, yet I haven’t been focusing on a particular type of video or audience. I would do weddings, commercials, training videos, music videos and corporate events, but I was ignoring my passion for horror. I have been a fan of horror films and the horror genre in general since I was a little kid. After doing some research, I realized that I can make a career out of my passion for horror. So, to keep this short, that’s what I decided to do. I plan to become the expert of horror video production and cover everything horror. This means creating horror films/movies, creating trailers for horror films, covering horror events, filming at haunted houses and even capturing photos of horror events. Check out some of my work and contact us today!

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