Enter the Darkness

Specializing in horror film and animation productions, at Phantom6Productions, we craft our own horror films and cartoon series and partner with brands, organizations, and investors to produce original content for their projects.

Horror Films and Cartoons

It’s what we do...

Fascinated with the paranormal, scary stories, and horror filmmaking from an early age, Phantom6Productions draws from psychological horror and is inspired by my unique experiences and real life fears, bringing any horror story to life on screen.

Founded by Jacob Stone in 2010, Phantom6Productions specializes in crafting original, compelling horror film and animation content. Explore our original work or get in touch today!

Our Work

Contract - Short Horror Film

A woman in Texas signs a contract with little thought to the consequences. A demon girl arrives to fulfill that contract.
Directed by Jacob Stone

The Hollows

A group of friends in Texas hold a reunion for a friend who is back from the military by going on a camping trip. Little do they know the woods are damned from occult rituals that took place in 1969.
Directed by Mike Ettnie. A film made for the Lonestar Horror Showcase.
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