Production To Suit Your Needs


The sky is the limit. We meet via phone, skype or in person to discuss project needs, your target audience and your budget. Then, we outline, script and storyboard and plan to make the production process smooth as silk.



We shoot on location, any location. We bring all necessary equipment including cameras, lighting and audio to capture and record footage needed tailored for your project.



We process and edit the footage, add and edit sound, color correct, add animations/motion graphics, text and then process it for final distribution to make your dream a reality.



Music Videos

A cinematic approach to capturing live performances and assembling creative visual stories to bring music to life.

Films & Movies

We plan and produce short films, documentaries, full length movies, and other projects for businesses, individuals, and of course, for fun.

Event Videos

Capture and document various live events for promotional purposes, advertising, reviews and documentation. We record interviews, highlight reels, presentations, releases, performances, sports, and celebrations.


From conception to distribution, whether you're a startup or a well established corporation, we analyze the needs of your specific audience and produce a compelling visual story to showcase your business, new product, ideas, and concepts for your website and for television.

Training & E-Learning

Analyze learner needs and breakdown complex ideas and material into user-friendly instructional videos, interactive online modules, animations and simulations to be used for training, distance learning and customer support.

Real Estate

We do community and amenity advertising, home and apartment virtual tours, and property videos. Let your prospective tenants and buyers see the place before show up. This will save you time and money.


There is no limit to the photography we will do. Modeling, band shoots, live events, real estate, scenery, etc. There is nothing that we can't handle.


Outline the project and tell us your budget

Contact us for a free consultation. We will outline your project based on your needs and determine a budget. This budget will be set by what type of video, location of shoot, number of hours involved with shooting and editing, size of the crew, and assets involved.
Script, storyboard and plan the production

We start writing necessary monologue and dialogue, draw out the shot list for a visual reference, plan and prep the necessary equipment and ensure all locations are booked for your project.
Shooting and Editing

The meat and potatoes. We make it as fun for you as it is for us. We guide you through the entire way whether it's B-roll footage, an interview, candid reaction, scripted acting, or moving action. We set up lighting, prep microphones, adjust the audio and frame the shots to capture the best quality footage. After the shoot, we pack our bags and load all the footage onto the editing bay and assemble your story. This process includings syncing, in case we use multiple cameras, editing, creating graphics and animations, overlaying text, color correction and picking the best takes. Then, we offer 2 more rounds of reviews after the initial review incorporating necessary feedback and guiding you toward your finished project.
Approval and Distribution

Once everyting is approved, the video files will be sent to you in 1080p HD resolution, files formatted for uploading to YouTube and other websites, and additional formats or distribution methods as needed for social media, blogs and mobile devices.


Creative consulting & scriptwriting
Story outlines & interview preparation
Production scheduling & coordination
Talent casting & location scouting
Shooting & audio recording
On-site interviews & b-roll
Street interviews & candid footage
Editing & post production
Motion graphics & typography
Logos, lower thirds & title design
Music curation & soundtracks
Color correction

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